#reverb15 // Love is strange

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Things I would have been mortified to admit/say/be in previous relationships:

The reaction to these statements in my current relationship (without hesitation, I might add):

I love crafting!


I’ll buy you a crafting table and dedicate an entire area of our house to your hobby!
I want to make a paper flower arch for the wedding!


Let’s do it. Gather the troops; we’ll host a series of flower making parties.
Half of the Superbowl commercials made me cry.


Awe baby, you’re so sweet <wipes away my tear>
I hate wearing underwear.


Me too. There is really no point.
I love doing laundry – the laundry room is my favorite room in the whole house. I’ll paint it for you, what color would you like? We should get you a really cool Laundry sign for the wall. Or, maybe you can even craft one yourself!
I haven’t washed my hair in three days. Ponytails are my fave.
I want a donut.  Donut Text
I don’t want to eat [whatever healthy thing] we cooked for dinner for the week. Panera or Glory Days?
I don’t have the energy for makeup today. You don’t need it, you are gorgeous no matter.

I don’t think any of these things are really that insane or strange. They are just things that would have been met with resistance or made fun of before. Any one of those things would have made me feel insecure. But, in love I am the lucky one, and now all of those things are just… ME. Clearly, I am spoiled 🙂

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