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Day 17 – Work – What sort of work did you do in 2014?

I could bore you to tears talking about government contractor pricing… zzz… I almost fell asleep just typing it.

But, I have no interest.  And, you wont’ either, trust me.  I do love my job.  I am well suited for it.  But, it is a means to my ends, and I work in order to live my life, I don’t live for working.

I’m really lucky to have two jobs that I love.  My professional Big Girl job which earns my way through my life, but primarily my mortgage, and my fun job which earns me enough to take cool trips, get regular pedicures which I am in hella need of right now, and all of the lululemon my heart desires.

My fun job is teaching group fitness classes.  My interest in group fitness started when I was in college, a girl named Ashley taught a freestyle kickboxing class at Virginia Tech’s McComas Hall and her music was awesome and I made friends in the class who kept me accountable.  Group fitness is the perfect storm of energy, motivation, hard work, and social interaction.  I progressed to spin and step classes.  And when I moved to the Northern Virginia area after graduation, I found a brand that upped the ante with its perfectly choreographed to-the-beat movement and amazing instructors — Les Mills.

I never considered teaching classes myself.  I wanted the hour to be a sacred slice of time that I dedicated to myself.  I also suffered an insecurity about how I could possibly be a motivator for others.  What if I just wanted to go to the gym to feel good about myself, catch up with my gym friends, and check a box instead of really working?  Sometimes we all have those days, and it’s OK.  Instructors… they don’t have it so easy.  They have to be On.  They have to be Energetic.  They have to be Inspiring.  That’s a lot of external demands for an introvert.

I was harassed by my RPM instructor, Gerry, for at least a year before I started to think about it seriously.  And, in 2008 I decided to dive in with RPM for my first certification with the amazing Heather Bedell.  It went well.  I felt confident at the training.  But then, scared to death to put on a mic and tell 30 people on stationary bikes what to do.  It went like this…  Add resistance.  Race.  Climb.  Recover.  Add resistance.  Attack.  I’m falling asleep again…  I was stuck in my head thinking about all the things I wasn’t saying instead of just having a conversation with my crowd.  My initial taping video for RPM is hilarious!!!  I have no idea how I passed, I don’t think I would have passed me, watching back.  I had good technique, I rode on the beat, but I was awkward and boring.  Fortunately, they saw potential.

So I taught my first few painful classes, and then I built my vocabulary and felt a little more comfortable.  It was easier to teach to a room of strangers than to my friends who I knew were super supportive.  I got my Friday morning class at Golds Gym in Merrifield, which I still teach to this day (!!) and have come a long way.

From there, it was BodyStep, then BodyAttack (my other all time favorite).  I thought I was done but then decided BodyPump would be my last addition.  Then, I thought I was really done, but just taped my initial video for GRIT series.  OK now I’m really really really done.

It is a job.  It’s work.  But, I definitely don’t do it for the money.  Initially, I did it for me.  But now, I do it for the many many gym members who have touched my life and I have come to know and love like my family.  I think that it’s one of the most important things that I can do – connect with my community and keep the people that mean so much to me healthy and feeling good.  I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to change people’s lives.  I see it every day, the progress that is made over time, and it makes all of the hard work worth it.  Teaching group fitness is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Teaching 5-6x per week also allows me to eat excessive frosting now and then. 

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#reverb14 // Team

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Whoops, life is quite getting away from me these days!  With a huge project going on a work and working long hours every day plus weekends, my leisure time for writing has seriously suffered.  I wanted to sneak this quick post in for reverb’s September prompt before I end up with a backlog.  I know I still owe you guys wedding day recap!  Our photographers confirmed that we will be getting our pictures this week, so I will find some time to sit and write and relive some amazing moments fully illustrated.

Until then, September’s prompt is about Team- loving or hating football- best game in history.

I don’t love or hate football.  It’s a great excuse to eat pizza and veg on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.

Some people watch sports because they love competition.  They fancy themselves in a certain athlete or team’s shoes and feel like they have a vested interest in the outcome of their performance.  Some people watch sports because they grew up watching sports and it’s a familiar and bonding thing to do with family or friends.  And, like me, some people watch sports because of the habitual “rewards” it brings.  Like pizza.

Let’s discuss pizza for a moment.  I’ve gone from consuming Little Caesar’s cheesy stuffed crust growing up to Domino’s thin crust topped with veggies only (you know, to be healthy) in college, to Lost Dog’s many varieties of gourmet meat-laden pies as an adult (screw overcooked veggies!  If I’m going to eat pizza I’m just going to go all the way).  A few years ago when I got into all things Redskins, thanks to G, who patiently explained why every yellow flag is thrown and how some inter-division games are more important than others (and incidentally, has had to explain numerous things like how there are 9 innings in baseball — except for the Nats game last Saturday which was absurd — and what off sides means in Soccer, etc etc) we were very much married to Lost Dog’s Four Cheese Pizza with Pepperoni and Sausage.  Oh my- it is divine.  Today, we barely dare to even think of a pizza as a whole circle.  If we truly crave full fledged gluten filled dairy topped bona fide pizza, we shuffle down to Whole Foods and get ONE SLICE ONLY.  Portion control, right?  Otherwise, our new favorite thing to do is take the P28 formula flatbread, crisp it up in the oven, and add our own sugar-free marinara, fresh mozzarella, and a nice heap of protein on top.  Honestly, it is so good I don’t even think about Lost Dog.  Or a whole pie.  And I usually only get such if we are watching some football.

Back to Team, lest I continue blabbering on about the KayShay evolution of pizza consumption.

I don’t recall a “best game in history”.  Even of all the games that I played myself.  I swam and played tennis from the tender age of 4 all the way through high school.  I got pretty good at swimming, but I think all the chlorine and slimy locker room floors gave me a little post-traumatic stress and now I’m weird about my feet or hands being wet and the smell makes me feel a little sick, so I think my swimming days are over.  But, I think ANY game can be the best game if you have really fond memories of it.  Maybe you went somewhere really cool to attend a playoff game or olympic game in person.  That would be awesome!  But, maybe you just had a group of friends over for some P28 high protein pizza and watched a game on TV while sharing some really great moments and it sticks with you.  That’s the best game to me.

Nats Game