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My life is truly boring.  I love it that way – predictable, reliable, not a lot of surprises.  I am a very effective person in that environment.  Every day for me is different.  But each day of the week is the same on any given week.  I keep a consistent schedule during the week that revolves around work, gym (the times I teach my classes specifically), and sleep.

My working schedule looks like this right now:

Mon/Weds/Fri – Work from home
Tues/Thurs – Work at the office

My weekly class schedule looks like this right now:

Monday 6:30pm RPM 24 Hour Fitness
Tuesday 6:00am BodyPump 24 Hour Fitness
Wednesday 6:00am RPM 24 Hour Fitness
Friday 6:00am RPM Golds Gym
Sunday 8:30am BodyAttack Golds Gym

Since a lot of those days start with 6:00am I’ll give you a day in the life of an early starter.

5:00am Alarm rings
5:10am Snooze alarm rings
5:15am Drag my arse out of bed.  Brush teeth.  Wash face.  Gym clothes on.
5:35am Out the door
6:00am Class starts
7:00am Class ends.  Chat with members.
7:15am Shower in the locker room
7:45am Drive G to the metro and then home
8:00am Walk Levi.  Feed Levi.  Finish hair/makeup.
8:20am Out the door to work.  Or, if working from home make cup of coffee and head upstairs to home office
8:45am Arrive at work (on a good day).  If working from home I’ve already answered all my emails.
Work.  Meetings.  Emails.  Mathy stuff.  Avoiding chatty chattersons.  If home, walk Levi & do laundry  —
12:00pm Headache break.  More coffee? Lunch w/O?
4:30pm Start the stop working train.
5:30pm Actually stop working.  Leave.
6:00pm Arrive home.  Walk Levi.  Feed Levi.  Prepare dinner.
6:30pm G gets home.  Eat dinner.
7:00pm Relax on couch with TV show of the night while both of us work on laptops.
9:30pm Get ready for bed.  (this is the plan, so most of the time it’s usually 10:30 or later)
10:00pm Read/Go to sleep

Exciting, no???  I live a truly glamorous life!  And I live for my Monday and Thursday sleep-in days.