Weekly Digest // Happy Mothers Day

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I spent the last two mother’s days being sad and kind of angry over the loss of my mother (who is still alive for those of you just joining in). Last year, I likened Mother’s Day for me to being single on Valentine’s Day. It’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself, isn’t it?

But, in an upcoming KayShay Code post, Rule #5 — spoiler alert – is on finding gratitude. I could write a book about that here, but I’ll save it for the manifesto. Instead, I will put my rule into practice by finding every way possible to love and be thankful for mothers everywhere. Because mother’s day is most certainly not solely about me and my mother, it’s about many other things that I can be grateful for and gain perspective by considering.

Happy Mother’s day to me (and G)! I am a mommy – to my dog Levi. And right now, since she is visiting for the weekend, I am being a mommy to my god-dog Lola as well. Indeed, being a dog mom is much easier than being the mom of a mini person – the complexities are far fewer. A walk per day, a fight to brush teeth a few times a week, a bath/haircut once a month, and a lot of couch cuddling is all I need to keep Levi happy and healthy. He is crate trained, so if I leave for work for the whole day he happily lounges without the need for babysitting. He loves me unconditionally, is always enthusiastic to see me, and never talks back. He never talks at all, actually, unless someone rings the doorbell. My introverted self likes the quiet.

Happy Mother’s day to all of my dear friends who are moms. You have the hardest job on the planet –birthing (or adopting!), nurturing, teaching, challenging, and shaping our future population. I can’t even wrap my head around such a thing, but I thank you for your service, your sacrifices, and wish you the best of luck.

Happy Mother’s day to all of the women in my life who care for me like a mother. I have been so fortunate to meet so many strong successful women who, honestly, help fill the void my own mother has left in my life. I have work moms, gym moms, friend’s moms, and a fantastic mother-in-law who all treat me like their own, offer to bring me soup when I’m sick, hug me when I’m feeling down, and give me great advice. I must have started throwing off some kind of sad-orphaned-girl scent a few years ago because the resurgence of mother figures in my life totally skyrocketed. I have never felt so loved in my life. Ever.

In light of these facts– that I am a mom, that I know so many amazing moms, and that I have so many wonderful moms… there is no room for sadness or anger over what was or should be. I can only see what is and could be, and I am filled with gratitude, love, and joy.

Weekly Digest // February In Review

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Cold, Sleet, Snow, Repeat…

February would have been such a drag except for all the LOVE.  I was totally showered with love all month from this gal:

KimGin STK

My Valentine’s Day gifts consisted of lots of quality time, a freshly painted and organized laundry room (this is of utmost importance), 2 tubs of frosting (which I intend to eat straight from the jar with a spoon — one is gone already actually), and THE cutest coffee mugs everrrrrrr.  I am in love with it all!!!  Thanks baby!

Laundry Before

Laundry After

Owl Mugs 4

Owl Mug 1

In turn I got to shower one of my besties with love, literally!  A bunch of us pulled off the most successful bridal shower surprise weekend in the history of Smart People Knowing Things.  I am actually terrible at surprises because (a) I become so excited about it happening that I can’t act normal and it’s obvious something is wrong with me and (b) the logistics of implementing something on someone’s behalf without them knowing about it overwhelms me.  There’s just so much that can go wrong…  but, nothing did!!

O is getting married here in a hot 5 weeks.  Her best friend from London came to DC to surprise her for the weekend and we scheduled a whole weekend full of bridal events since she would be here.  Friday night, girls night at Oya for the unveiling.  She was in SHOCK.  YESSSSSS.  Then we proceeded to tell her that we would just take her everywhere she needed to be for the next 24 hours and O, being the sport that she is, agreed to just go with the flow.  Saturday we had a tea for her at Mandarin Oriental.  Look at these amazing women!

Orjiugo Bridal Tea

And later that evening we went to STK, the most fun lounge/bar/restaurant I’ve ever experienced.  If you’re Gen X and love 90’s R&B/Pop, this is your house.  We be-bopped our way from champagne at the bar all the way through dinner which was fabulous.  Then headed over to Lupo Verde for more champagne and some dessert!  All in all, the perfect day and the perfect night out.

And, last and most certainly least…  my official position on #TheDress is that it is and always has been and always will be BLACK AND BLUE.  Get it together you color blind people!!!  And anyways, the only real question should be whether this dress is cute or ugly, and I think we can all universally agree that it’s ugly.  So let’s just stop.  Woof.

Blue Black Dress

Looking ahead…

March =  CABO.  Can’t wait to thaw my buns on the beach!  Also, been working on a new website/theme/brand/look…  standby for that!  Muah! ~KayShay